Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Rethymnon (K.E.DI.R.)
Board of Trustees


  1. Mpirliraki Theopisti, Town Councilor  
    Substitute: Sampson Stelios, Town Councilor 

    Vice - Chairman
  2. Spanoudakis Stilianos, Town Councilor  
    Substitute: Mpirikakis Emmanouel, Town Councilor

  3. Lachnidakis Dimitris, Town Councilor  
    Substitute: Agrimakis Nikolaos, Town Councilor 
  4. Michala Eleftheria, Member of M.C.  
    Substitute: Tsimpiskakis Matheos, Town Councilor 
  5. Palafoutis Emmanouel, Town Councilor  
    Substitute: Fourfoulakis Emmanouel, Town Councilor 
  6. Chourdakis Antonios, Representative of the University of Crete
    Substitute: Georgia Kondyli, University of Crete 
  7. Kriovrissanaki Popi, Registered in Rethymnon
    Substitute: Fournaraki Maria
  8. Koumentakis Yorgos, Registered in Rethymnon
    Substitute: Chamogiorgaki Eleni, Registered in Rethymnon
  9. Marangou Maria, Registered in Rethymnon
    Substitute: Christides Konstantinos, Registered in Rethymnon
  10. Fragkakos Konstantinos, Registered in Rethymnon
    Substitute: Patsahaki Eleni, Registered in Rethymnon
  11. Milidaki Stilliani, Representative of the working people ofK.E.DI.R.
    Substitute: Zampetakis Constantinos

Artworks from the
Permanent Collection of CCA
25 May - December 2017
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Mesologhiou 32 (Old Town), Rethymno
and other art spaces in Rethymno