The Art Workshops of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete  have announced an Architectural Workshop.

It is commonly said that tourism is Greece’s ‘heavy industry’. Millions arrive in the country every year, providing a major boost for employment and the economy.
The Mediterranean climate, the geography, the ever-present sea and the history are powerful incentives for visiting the country.
Local tradition in all its guises also serves as a strong ‘adhesive’ between nature and the people, so that the country can boast some astounding combinations of manmade and natural environment.
Yet this idyllic picture is spoiled by the currently produced construction projects, which are unanimously thought to fail to harmonise into the beauty of the land.
This phenomenon cannot but include tourist facilities, thus undermining the country’s main lever for growth.

The Art Workshops of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete and in particular the Architectural Workshop, wishing to create a platform for examining these issues, organised a seminar on the design of tourist facilities headed by architect Mr Stephanos Skandalis.

The subject areas included:

  • History of tourist facilities;
  • Typologies of tourist facilities;
  • Design principles and analysis of implemented projects;
  • Practical application

The Architectural Workshop began on Friday, March 7 on the premises of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, and was completed in six 2-hour sessions.

Eric Giovon
Creative Varieties
29 June - End of October 2019
Ibrahim Han Mosque - Fortezza