Before 2000

Sellections from the Permanent Collection

The selection of works from the Permanent Collection consists of space works or works which depict space on the canvas.

The latter category comprises works by Tassos Matzavinos (Narcissus looking into the water, 1991), Sotiris Sorongas (1996), Yannis Spyropoulos (Vegetal space, 1982) and Grigoris Semitekolo (Cosmic light, 1982) as well as the works of Marianna Strapatsaki and Dimitris Alithinos (Hodie Mihi, Cras Tibi / Today it"s me, tomorrow it will be you, 1994).

Space works include Rena Papaspyrou’s Baalbek’s (1988), a 1989 work by Aspa Stassinopoulou, a Plexiglas sculpture by Nakis Tastsioglou (1987) and Aphrodite Litti’s Burning Bush (2000).

The mezzanine hosts 15 works from the “Labyrinth” series of Anke Vriis and the 1992 painting Woman sitting on the floor by Yorgos Rorris.

The section of drawings and black-and-white paintings comprises works by Katerina Apostolidi, Nikos Viskadourakis (1998), Anna Konstantinou (1975), Yorgos Lazongas (1993), Kalliopi Lemou, Nakis Panayotidis (1996), Elias Papailiakis (1997), Marianna Strapatsaki, Yannis Tzermias (1985), Pantelis Chandris (Odyssey Ark, 1996),  Maria Hatziandreou.

Eric Giovon
Creative Varieties
29 June - End of October 2019
Ibrahim Han Mosque - Fortezza