The Centre of Contemporary Art of Rethymnon (now Contemporary Art Museum of Crete), hosted from October 15 until November 15, 2005, at the Artillery hall in the Fortezza, an exhibition of the paintings of Effie Micheli.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Panayiotis and Effie Micheli Foundation in the context of the conference “Aesthetics and Art: Interdisciplinary Approaches”, organized by the Philosophic and Social Studies School of the University of Crete on November 5 and 6.

The exhibition, which aroused great interest among the public, included about 65 works of the painter.
The painter Effie Micheli depicts in her works with light tones and simple directness the lived experiences of the world around her.

She observes and gives shape to villages and sights of Greece with eyes uninfluenced by conventionalities, while she sometimes captures on her images the magic of children’s paintings.

The painter first appeared on the art scene in 1952 and was soon labelled by the art critics as a “naïf” artist. During her artistic career she participated in all the PanHellenic exhibitions and in more than 50 group exhibitions all over Greece. She also presented her work in solo exhibitions in Athens, Boston and Stockholm.

She received many honorary distinctions and medals. In 1979 she founded the Panayiotis and Effie Micheli Foundation for the study, promotion and dissemination of the aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

Many articles have appeared on newspapers and art magazines on Effie Micheli’s artistic work. Many of her paintings are now in private collections in Greece and abroad.

The exhibition was curated by Maria Marangou, Director of the Centre of Contemporary Art of Rethymnon.

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29 June - End of October 2019
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