One day in August

Phasma2 photo group

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete presented the photography exhibition One day in August by the phasma2 group. Curated by Maria Marangou, the exhibition opened at 19.30 on Monday, 5 March 2012.

The choice by the phasma2 group of August as a subject was no accident. It is a month associated with holidays, relaxation and perhaps a stay in the various possible developments in the future. This is a different month for Greeks, whose desires focus on August and its generous promise of carefree pleasure. Our photographers have chosen this special month to present their own "take" and perception of it. Each artist has chosen one day and one night in August to narrate, through a series of five shots, the story of that day and night and convey their own personal views and styles.

The show was first exhibited at The Art Foundation in Athens on 15 December 2011 (TAF,  Normanou 5, Monastiraki) and was warmly received by the Athenian public. After all, these are 14 artists who have distinguished themselves in photography and who monitor and capture reality in their own individual ways. The phasma2 group wasborn out of the needs dictated by current social developments and the course of contemporary photography in our country. The group aims to promote the work of its members and organise events of a cultural and educational character.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete welcomes this venture and wishes to acquaint its art-loving public with the phasma2 group and demonstrate the alternative ways of looking at a day and a night in August.

Participants: Yorgos Vitsaropoulos, Milos Bicanski, Luisa Gouliamaki, Yorgos Detsis, Michalis Karayannis, Stelios Matsangos, Vishy Moghan, Yorgos Nikolaidis, Camilo Nollas, Alexandros Stamatiou, Iakovos Hatzistavrou.

The exhibition was accompanied by a bilingual catalogue. It run till the end of May 2012 and, as always, there were guided tours and educational programmes for children and adults.

Lecture: "Contemporary Greek photographers discuss their work".
In the context of the cultural work promoted by phasma2, the Art Workshops of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete have organised a lecture/discussion on "Contemporary Greek photographers discuss their work", was held at the Museum on Tuesday, 6 March 2012 at 18:00. The event aimed to promote the work of the participating photographers and examined some key principles and techniques behind the art of photography.

The discussion was coordinated by Prof. Aris Tsantiropoulos, University of Crete.

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