Popi Tsoukatou


Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Curator: Stavros Kavallaris
Duration: 24.09. - End of December 2012

Three new exhibitions started on Monday, 24 September 2012 on the premises of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete.

The three solo shows covered the fields of painting, photography and art associated with technology and aim to elicit the viewer’s participation in different forms and expressions which nevertheless meet the demand for personal investigation in the present time.

On the ground floor, Yiannis Tzermias’ “Oedipus / Images after blindness” builds on his previous works around Medea, Philoctetes and Agamemnon.

What Oedipus sees after his self-inflicted blindness leads the viewer into the essence of the major issues of life.

Moving around the fringe of the question of blindness and silence, the latest work of photographer Popi Tsoukatos (on the Museum’s first floor) involves female figures encased in their clothes who engage in dialogue with the abandoned houses in the village of Livissi in Asia Minor.

The unbearable fascination of major museum masterpieces serves as inspiration and spawns commentary in the recent work of Artemis Potamianou (on the first floor), who creates her own personal museum in a computer game.

The exhibitions are accompanied by a bilingual catalogue with the texts of Maria Marangou, Stavros Kavallaris, Sotiris Bahtsetzis and Yannis Tzermias.

The exhibitions will through the end of December 2012, and as usual there will be educational programmes and guided tours for children and adults.

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