Works from the Permanent Collection

Opening: 20 December 2013
Curation: Maria Marangou

If a traveller’s route is measured in miles, a Museum’s course is measured in artworks.

With the exhibition “Process”, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete attempted to take stock of its past in order to plan its future, with its hundreds of shows and events and, of course, the works in its collection.

The route involves 22 years and over 600 works; a permanent collection among the richest and most important in the country.

The presentation of part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete opened officially on Friday, December 20. It included our city Museum’s recent acquisitions, 15 historic works by Aspa Stassinopoulou, and a new donation by Rena Papaspyrou.

Overall, the exhibits in “Route” represent all trends in contemporary art as it has evolved in the last thirty years. The emphasis, inspired by the new acquisitions of Aspa Stassinopoulou as well as the effects of Lefteris Kanakakis, is on political art which is again topical in the socio-political conditions currently experienced by this country and its people.

Poetic performance under the title:
“The Demoiselles d’Avignon often watched La Traviata”
As part of the opening of the exhibition, visual artist Angelos Skourtis presented a poetic-visual performance in the Museum.

The event consisted of brief poetic monologues written by the artist and referring to the relationship of ‘common women’, prostitutes, with society as a whole.

Skourtis talked about the physical and mental cruelty exerted on these women, their coercion and their struggle to exist, to live.

In this happening poetry meets the theatre, music, political commentary and our existential agony about the nightmarish world we allowed to creep upon us and which we now need to fight off.

Eric Giovon
Creative Varieties
29 June - End of October 2019
Ibrahim Han Mosque - Fortezza