Roads that come after
An exhibition on immigration dedicated in Nicos Alexiou
Exhibition editor:
Marangou Maria – Art Director
of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Duration:     March 16th – September 2011


The Cretan Museum of Contemporary Art opened on 16th March 2011 the exhibition "Road that come After" with works of the artists: Vlassis Kaniaris, Yioula Hatgigeorgiou, Andreas Savva.
Exhibition curator: Maria Marangou – Art Critic, Artistic Director of Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete.

This is a research project on illness as it emerges to transform and distort the body and the artist"s relationship with it—an experiential relationship, in one or another way.

The dead body which provides information in Rembrandt"s "Anatomy Lesson" must have been a suffering body in life, which raises as many questions as the amount of pain that a dancer Dégas must have suffered in order to perfect her motion.

The familiar pain, the pain that occupies our mind, belongs in our time and in the field examined by the exhibition. Our societies may not have known the plague, which has been painted a lot, directly or indirectly, but they know well the suffering body and the manifestations of cancer or AIDS.

In her text for the exhibition catalogue, Maria Marangou, Director of the RCA, writes:
[…] The Roads that Come After are not always superior to those that come before, yet for the artist they are the roads of emancipation. What will the immigrant find on his way, as he seeks a new life in a new place? And who is the immigrant?

The artist, himself involved in social upheaval, now monitors what is happening on the Road that Comes After, a televisual spectacle with multiple readings, featuring thieves and policemen, householders and politicians, dogs and fools, bulldozers and fire. The artist, awkwardly placed within a society which cannot tolerate him, identifies more with the economic migrant without a home than with the complacent bourgeois. The urban struggle of our democracy does not play a part so much in the fear of tear gas and the bullet (even the rubber bullet) as in the problem of the possibilities of consumption, at the same time as the artist freezes, after a fashion, his own position within his work, pointing to the fissure between our democracy and its culture.
The exhibition Roads that Come After offers a personal commentary by two artists who, as Cypriots, have personal experience of the global problem. […]

The work of Vlassis Kaniaris "Observer of History", polite concession of Kalfayan Galleries, belongs in the period of immigration that imposed the seven year old dictatorship. The works of the two artists Yioula Hatgigeorgiou and Andreas Savva, extremely sensitised in the question of violent retirement, were first exposed in Delphi Area and will be exposed afterwards in Elefsina and in Cyprus.

A well-timed exhibition, which re-examines the matter of Democracy in Europe as not datum and focuses also in the community of art. Because other is the artist that is moved and the other artist that is also economic immigrant or emanates from family of economic immigrants. The other artist citizen of world and the other artist banished.

The report is dedicated in Rethymno figurative Nikos Alexiou that left from the life recently.

A bilingual catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

The exhibition will remain open until September 2011. As with all projects of the Rethymnon Centre for Contemporary Art, guided tours and educational programmes will be offered throughout the duration of the exhibition.

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