Ten Chapters. Artworks from the Permanent Collection of CCA

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
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10 Chapters
Permanent Collection Works
Curator: Maria Maragkou

Opening: Thursday, 25 May 2017, 20:00
32 Mesologhiou str., Rethymnon

The new exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete titled Ten Chapters has opened on Thursday the 25th of May, at 20:00. It consists of ten sections of art as expressed today and reflected in our Museum’s permanent collection works.

The exhibition is held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary since our establishment. For “Ten Chapters”, we have deployed around 200 of our 650 permanent collection works, which have been donated by individuals, collectors and, most importantly, artists at different times. These donations include the invaluable contribution of the archaeologist and journalist Paraskevi Katimertzi, who bequeathed works of her collection to our Museum.

The exhibition extends outside the Museum facilities (Twin Building and Artillery Building at Fortezza, Kara Mousa Pasha Mosque and Venetian Church of Hagia Sophia), and we intend to also display exhibits in venues such as the Roman Villa in Chromonastiri and the Carob Mill in Panormo village.

A few words on the Ten Chapters by the curator Maria Maragkou:
The appropriation of history
The end of the 20th century and the consolidated liberties of art grant contemporary artists the right to appropriate forms and themes from the history of art and to master them in their own individual way.
Contemporary Art Museum of Crete: Armaos Markos, Papadimitriou Aggelos, Potamianou Artemis, Skoulakis Dimosthenis, Psychopaidis Yiannis.

Mythologies and Reality
Historic symbols, works inspired by Greek mythology, comments and myths of reality.  
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Apergi Eirini, Aristodimos (Papadakis), Artemis Nikos, Kanakakis Lefteris, Magkoni Despo, Mantzavinos Tasos, Michailidis Antonis, Michailidis Michalis, Tetsis Panagiotis, Charalampidis Nikos.

The Sanctity of nature
Works that exalt colour and the freedom of writing; mostly fierce compositions that appeal to the sacred instinct and make comments in the floral environment.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Adamakos Yiannis, Zouni Opi, Ioannou Giorgos, Kanagkini Niki, Lappas Giorgos, Ntavou Mpia, Sevastakis Dimitris, Christidis Kostas.
Twin Building – Fortezza: Liti Afroditi, Skourtis Aggelos, Sorogkas Sotiris, Strapatsakis Marianne, Tragkas Dimitris, Triantafillou Tasos, Tsakiris Giorgos, Tsoklis Kostas, Chatzantonakis Dimitris.

This section raises issues of religion and freedom of religion. The works represent the religious sentiment and criticise the power of dogma.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Aleksiou Nikos, Kypris Giorgos, Magnanti Renee, Ksagoraris Zafos, Papadimitriou Maria, Raimondos (Panos).

The artefacts of people
Everyday artefacts, a beloved theme in painting, bring to the fore the artist's capabilities as well as their mannerisms. The objects and still lives from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete – realistic, metaphysical, symbolic, and ready-made – reflect their time and the artist's innermost thoughts forging their relationship with their surroundings.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Valavanidis Yiannis, Kanakakis Lefteris, Koundourakis Manolis, Lazaridou Dimitra, Manousakis Michalis, Magadis Yiannis, Mpokoros Christos, Oudinoti Agni, Semitecolo Grigoris, Chatziandreou Maria.
Artillery Building - Fortezza: Arfaras Michalis, Gkoflinos Giorgos, Zouni Eleni, Kypris Giorgos, Kiriaki Vaso, Pandolfino Pino, Pappa Nina, Christidou Lefki.

The Portrait Ritual.
Human, the favourite art theme, has fascinated art throughout its history and given rise to masterpieces, as well as rudimentary drawings.
The collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete features a series of portraits painted from 1960 to date.
The art movements, from realism, expressionism, abstraction to photography, are reflected in the displayed female and male bodies.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Apostolou Evgenia, Asargiotaki Kalliopi, Gkiziris Kostas, Daskopoulou Sileia, Theofilaktopoulos Makis, Kanakakis Lefteris, Karras Christos, Kessanlis Nikos, Lee Maelee, Lappas Giorgos, Logothetis Stathis, Lira Eleni, Mazis Dimitris, Michailou Eleni, Mpotsoglou Chronis, Mytaras Dimitris, Patraskidis Triantafillos, Politi Spyridoula, Rorris Giorgos, Skopelitis Stelios, Tarloou Filippos, Tzermias Yiannis, Chouliaras Nikos.

Spaces and Landscapes
The reference to space, from the psyche landscape to the horizon, is presented through Greek artists' works that define it in the fields of abstraction, writing and, at times, geometry.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Aleksakis Stelios, Apergis Achilleas, Apostolou Evgenia, Gaitis Yiannis, Zoggolopoulos Giorgos, Kaloutsis Valerios, Ktenas Alekos, Lazogkas Giorgos, Michailidis Yiannis, Mortarakos Kyriakos, Ksenos Giorgos, Patsourakis Eftichis, Spyropoulos Yiannis, Chandris Pantelis, Chatzimichalis Giorgos.
Artillery Building - Fortezza: Aleksiou Nikos, Alitheinos Dimitris, Giparakis Giorgos, Doulgeris Christoforos, Ziaka Maria, Kypraios Vasilis, Michas Yiannis, Palieraki Anna, Papailiakis Ilias, Portalaki Sofia, Tsiaras Filippos, Christodoulou Antonakis.

Contemporary violence is a daily reality that starts from the news, runs through the Internet and, occasionally, reaches school. The works of this section, sculptures, pictures, paintings and video projections, identify this phenomenon and implicitly denounce it.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Volanakis Adonis, Lymperatos Andreas, Meimaroglou Despoina, Mpampoulis Dimitris.
Artillery Building - Fortezza: Stasinopoulou Aspa, Loizidou Maria, Magkoni Despo.

Prompted by Helen
Kara Mousa Pasha Mosque
Corner of Arkadiou and V. Hugo str.
A work with two narratives.
Narrative One. Helen is a pupil of the past century who embroiders a pillow. Years later, the artist Rena Papaspyrou buys the embroidery at a junk shop. The cross stitch patterns inspires a mural work of hers with little pieces of paper.
Narrative Two. Four years ago, Aspa Stasinopoulou dreams that she is wearing garment made by by Rena Papaspyrou. She tells it.
Papaspyrou prepares a garment for Aspa with the pattern embroidered by little Helen on the pillow.
Aspa wears it and walks in the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens and shortly afterwards, in the streets of Thessaloniki. Both performances are filmed and donated along with the dress and the embroidery to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete.
The whole material, the projections and the work are exhibited at Kara Mousa Pasha Mosque, at Arkadiou str.

24 hours in the city
Venetian Church of Hagia Sophia
Panou Koronaiou str.
The photographer Yiannis Oikonomou captures with his camera the traffic in Athens on a summer day. People moving in the metro and the streets, kids playing at Syntagma square, tourists and immigrants looking for space and shadow.
The exhibition of Yiannis Oikonomou was presented until the 15th of August.

The exhibitions will run until the end of December 2017 and, as always, guided tours and training courses will take also place.

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Ten Chapters, Permanent Collection, 2017

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