The phantasms of the Mediterranean

Marianne Strapatsakis

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Kara Musa Pasha Mosque,
Arcadiou & Hugo St, Rethymnon

The video installation The phantasms of the Mediterranean or Mirages of the Past by Marianne Strapatsakis was on show from Wednesday 4 June at the Kara Musa Pasha Mowque in Rethymnon. Curated by Maria Marangou, the show was organised by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete in collaboration with the 28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

Created in 1990, the work of Marianne Strapatsakis has been displayed on special archaelogical sites in Greece and exhibited at major museums abroad, where it has been awarded. From now on it will reside in Rethymnon following the artist"s kind donation to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete.

The work"s references and imagery are drawn from the temple of Aphaea and the marine landscape of the Mediterranean. It reflects the strong, living relation of our Greek past with the present and the future, with the timeless significance of memory reaching us at a crucial moment, when the sea of Crete, and hence the Mediterranean, is at risk from the imminent destruction of Syria"s nuclear weapons.

The exhibition run through September 21st, 2014.


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