Exhibition entitled The Spirit of the Age
(“Der Zeitgeist”).

The CCA has in its possession an excellent photographic material donated by the couple Manos and Epi Pavlidis. Using this material it has created a museum-suitcase of special pedagogical interest.

It concerns photographic material which documents the history of the most important movements of the first half of the 20th century in art: painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, happenings, and body art. The famous art critic Charles Spencer selected the photographs and wrote the accompanying texts. They were exhibited in Athens in collaboration with the gallery “Desmos” in 1978.

This material was digitalized and then printed on banners, one for each movement, which are exhibited in the halls of the Museum as a self-contained and comprehensive exhibition.

The film “L’ Entr’acte” by René Clair accompanies the museum-suitcase as well as a cassette with Dada music so that the spectator may have a comprehensive overview of the period.

The exhibition lasted until January 16, 2011.

Eric Giovon
Creative Varieties
29 June - End of October 2019
Ibrahim Han Mosque - Fortezza