Curator: Maria Marangou

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Opening: Friday, 30 October 2015, 20:00 – 22:00
Messolonghiou 32, Rethymnon

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete presented the exhibition “Whispers”, a new production that was tracing situations-cries expressed discreetly and quietly, like whispers. The exhibition, curated by Maria Marangou, opened on Friday, October 30 at 20:00 on the Museum’s premises at 32 Messolonghiou St in the old town.

The title, “Whispers”, was inspired from the great Irishman Samuel Beckett and his apposite talk of words dropping to whispers, of whispers rising into cries, of the eternal mumbling and the memory behind it; it draws also on the whisper of bodies as bequeathed to humanity by Emily Dickinson, the poetess of I died for beauty.

The exhibition aimed to explore the artists’ views on issues of gender, identity and fear and their conclusions about prohibitions and social codes. It also wishes to touch on the power of delving, in the interests of recognising traumas, into the process of life generated by thought as well as the whisper of the cell as it advances towards old age.

The artists who participated with new or older works selected to promote the quest of the title, i.e. of the issue the exhibition aspires to illuminate, were all women.

They were twenty-four women artists from Greece, Europe and the USA. They were joined by one male artist who collected the interviews of women who talk about their feelings.

Artists: Eozen Agopian, Evgenia Apostolou, Mary Christea, Angeliki Douveri, Joan Giordano, Mary Hrbacek, Dimitra Ioannou, Marigo Kassi, Popi Krouska, Kalliopi Lemos, Maria Loizides, Eleni Lyra, Renee Magnanti, Despina Meimaroglou, Adriana Molder, Vally Nomidou, Antonia Papatzanaki, Hara Piperidou, Chryssoula Skepetzi, Marianne Strapatsaki, Angeliki Svoronou, Popi Tsoukatos, Athanassia Vidali, Adonis Volanakis, Mary Zygouri.

The exhibition run through the end of February 2015.

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