The Roads that come After*, Athens 2011
I like to be adorned*, Rethymnon 2010
7 + 8, 1995 – 2010, Rethymnon 2010
Playing with art, Rethymnon 2010
Like a fairy tale from clay and colour, 2006
Zevgma*, Athens 2006
George Lappas*, Athens 2005
Interaction*, Strasbourg 2005
Suffering Body*, Rethymnon 2004
Labyrinthe*, Rethymnon 2004
OIKADE. An exhibition of Cretan artists*, Rethymnon 2003
Costas Tsoklis, Athens 2003
I, me, myself *, Athens 2003
Topos –Cosmos*, Rethymnon 2003
On the steps of Erotokritos*, Rethymnon 2002
L. Kanakakis, The technic of oil-painting, Rethymnon 2002
Touch in cycle*, Rethymnon 2002
The wreck of peace*, Nikosia 2002
Videotape “ The wreck of peace”, Nikosia 2002
People-Faces-Figures*, Rethymnon 2002
Thy Neighbour*, Athens 2002
The Death of “Che” Guevara*, Athens 2002
The Spirit of the Age (Training exhibition in the shape of a museum suitcase), Rethymnon 2001
Leaving behind the wartime years 1940-1960*, Rethymnon 2001
Territories/Communities*, Rethymnon 2001
Eight artists – One course*, Rethymnon 2001
Russian avant-garde. A selection from the Costakis collection*, Thessaloniki 2001
Αris Konstantinides. Photographs and Designs*, Athens 2000
Chryssa. Cycladic Books 1957-1996*, Athens 2000
Gerassimos Steris. Drawings 1920-1935*, Athens 2000
Fairy tales about the shirt, Rethymnon 1999
L. Kanakakis for the children, Rethymnon 1999
The garden at the city of AKEK, Rethymnon 1999
Colour and Sea, Rethymnon 1999
Katharina Struber – Cultural Turist*, Rethymnon 1999
Catalogue of the Permanent Collection of the “L.Kanakakis” Municipal Gallery, Rethymnon 1999
In co-operation with the Panhellenic Association of Art Galleries
With the Lyre and the Fiddlebow. Memories and Contemporary Creation*, Rethymnon 1998
Κessanlis Nikos. Face*, Adam, Athens 1998
The Garden, Rethymnon 1998
Made in Berlin. A new generation of artists*, Rethymnon 1998
Intimacies*, Rethymnon 1998
Video-tape on the subject: Dyeing of Textiles and Weaving, within the framework of the educational program Thread-Weaving-Garment, Rethymnon 1998
Video-tape on the subject: The teaching method of Bruno Munari, within the framework of the seminar under the same title, Rethymnon 1998
Aboard the liner *, Rethymnon 1997
In the beginning was engraving*, Rethymnon 1997
Ad hoc και/ and in situ*, Rethymnon 1997
G. Zongolopoulos, M. Katzourakis, M. Michaeledes*, Rethymnon 1997
Private Face - Urban Space. A new generation of artists from Britain*, Athens 1997
Y. Spyropoulos, The classic Greek abstractionist *, Rethymnon 1996
Ronald Jones, Nakis Panayotidis, Thomas Ruff*, Rethymnon 1996
Polytropes Crete*, Rethymnon 1996
Greek painting in the early 20th century*, Rethymnon 1996
The Ephemeral*, Basta-Plessa, Athens 1995
Cinematic art*, Athens 1995
D. Μytaras*, Adam, Athens 1995

* Exhibition catalogue

Eric Giovon
Creative Varieties
29 June - End of October 2019
Ibrahim Han Mosque - Fortezza